Aug. 20, 2009

23 Reasons that Fairhaven is Awesome

I love Fairhaven.  Here are a few reasons why.... Check the middle of the page for some neat pictures I took.  Sorry, but I'm not smart techie enough to post them anywhere besides the middle... I know it would have been cool to have them next to their corresponding entries, but whatever. This is only 2009, after all, what do you expect from me?!  Here we go:

1. The Big Beers at Dos Padres, esp. Dos Equis Amber.  I don't remember exactly how big they are...but, then again, isn't that kind of the point?

2. Melanie at Dirty Dan's - Best bartender in B'ham. She is also an up-and-coming Bellingham Roller Betty, so proceed with caution. She can crush your head like a peanut... (Sad-faced update: Melanie has retired from bartending to pursue her new career with the Border Patrol.  Note- don't try to order drinks from her when you are crossing the's not technically "legal", as it turns out...)

3. Le Chat Noir (the Black Cat, for laymen/ non-pretentious L.A.-types)... On that note... I ate there recently and saw a guy in his late 50's/early 60's who looked like Robert Redford's stunt double. He was well dressed- wearing, among other things,  a nice zip-up jacket with a Guns 'N Roses logo on the front left. I still can't decide what was stranger-  that this guy was wearing that jacket- or that the jacket existed in the first place.

4.  The Fairhaven Dog park - ...also comes with bonus sewage treatment plant...

5. Pasta Carbonara at Mambo Italiano - tastes amazing...stays with you for hours...

6. Tony's/ Harris Cafe... Still is, and always will be the best coffee around.

7. Village Books...  On the list again because they're awesome...and because they were cool enough to re-Tweet my last post...

8. Avenue Bread Eggenue breakfast sammies.  Homemade English muffins, sausage, cheese and eggs. Is there a better way to start the day?  Well, I suppose that dream about being a millionaire super-hero could turn out to be true. That would probably be better.

9. Fairhaven Runners - Every pair of running shoes I've ever purchased. Great personalized service...and they never make fun of my beer belly. At least, not to my face...

10. Archer's Alehouse - Best place that feels like Cheers, if Cheers was in England

11. Greyhound/train/Alaska ferry terminal - best place to from which to leave the best place in the world....or return to it.

12. The Waldron - If I had a million dollars... This is the perfect example of how to renovate an old, classic building... (Note: link leads to a site controlled by other real estate agents. Use extreme caution...).

13. Fairhaven Boardwalk - look at the picture....

14. Chrysalis Inn and Spa - Best place to stay if you like to listen to trains while you watch the sunset.

15. The Fairhaven bus - Most famous and oft-noticed place I've never actually been to for even so much as a cup of coffee. Note to self - stop by there soon for a cup of coffee.

16. Free Parking - Anywhere in Fairhaven - enough said


17. Gelato place...something something, gelato is good...

18.  The old Kalamalka tattoo/piercing shop - Best place to make strange decisions in college that isn't actually there anymore. Plus, it's in an old train car. was...when it was still in Fairhaven.

19.  On Rice Thai - Best Thai food in Bellingham, even though I still prefer their Samish Way location

20. Fairhaven Smoke Shop - old-school cool in an "I care more about my image than my health" kind of way... but hey, they actually have a website!

21. The Superstore - most ironically titled business in Fairhaven....or the World, for that matter... unless "super" is analogous to "biggest selection of 40's"...

22.  Hippies with guitars. Stay strong, Brother. Don't let the bastards grind you down! Peace.

23. Did I mention Boulevard Park? Oh yes, I did. I mentioned it in a fantastic article right here.

There you go...23 things that make Fairhaven awesome.  Be sure to click on the links and visit these businesses when you get the chance. They help to make Bellingham the best place to live IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD!.  If you think I've missed anything, please let me know by commenting below.  Or, you can contact me directly at 360.510.2230 or by e-mail at

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Thanks for reading!

Rob LeRoy is a Seattle real estate agent and social media marketing coach with eXp Realty.

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