May 21, 2010

5 Fun Facts about Bellingham, WA

1. Bellingham has more drive-thru espresso stands per capita than any other county in the country.  Believe it!

2. The climate of Bellingham is often referred to as the "Banana belt of the Northwest'  and is considered mild compared to surrounding areas.

3. 19.2% of the people living in Bellingham claim their ancestry originates in Germany while 7.5% claim they're ancestors came from Norway.

4. Bellingham was named by George Vancouver who landed here in June, 1792 and decided to name the bay after Sir William Bellingham, who worked for the Royal Navy as a bookkeeper.

5. There are around 3,000 more females living in Bellingham than males.  That's right guys:)


Which Bellingham bar has become infamous due to its history of notorious guests including Ken Bianchi (Hillside strangler)? Answer in the comment section below

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