March 24, 2009

A different feel: Waterfront Condos in South Hill/Fairhaven Area

When I see the condominiums in Bellingham, I'm doing so after having seen flats, condos, Brownstones, from Florida, to Boston, to Chicago, as well as Seattle.  I've been lucky enough to travel early on, and see a lot of different architecture, interior design, and changing trends and products used to various benefit and demise.  And since moving here, and working on expertise as a relocation and luxury second-homes  (working on, I'll never be finished), I'm with clients from out-of-the area, from the same areas, and exploring how to help people acclimate to our climate, both the weather and the weather of our Real Estate market.  It's a harder conversation than you might think. And it's why I preview as many properties as possible, trying to find the diamonds in the rough.

Because if I have clients from Florida, and they want to see a water-view condominium in Fairhaven, over a certain price range, they're going to expect a WOW factor, like the one's you would get from walking through the Park Place condominiums, overlooking Boulevard Park.   Keep your 9 foot ceilings, granite counter tops, stainless steel appliances.  Try contemporary glass frontage that takes advantage of the view.  Use cement for the interior walls, and include radiant heat and a twelve foot long gas fireplace so questions about warmth dissipate with the view.

If my clients are from New England, maybe they'll want something with more traditional accents, like the Pierside Condos on the water side of Eldridge.  These are real cathedral ceilings, with a view out the windows worthy of worship, and accents in the master suite that make the owner really feel like, well, the master of the house.

Can you see the detail in the ceiling here?  Compare this bedroom with your usual flat white ceiling, non-descript lighting fixture, married to the "real estate brown" walls we've all seen 1,000 times.   I'll wager 100% of my clients are more impressed, and will be more excited to see this condo.

And there are those from across the country that want a taste of the Pacific Northwest, the Upper Left Hand Corner, and theCraftsman detail on the inside and outside of the condos on Taylor are a perfect example. Water view, close to Fairhaven, BUT, the inside is a warm lodge atmosphere with exposed beams, wood floors, and accent lighting that shows premeditation that resulted in a killer interior.

The luxury that these condos lend is expensive.  What's outrageous for some is the cost of comfort for others.  But certain builders are recognizing the value of craftsmanship that should accompany the pricetag.    And to them, I'm saying thank you.

Quote for the day:

"I can't sell my VW for more, just by parking it in downtown Fairhaven. More people might look at it, but in the end, it's going to come down to the quality of the interior."

-Anonymous client

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