April 15, 2009

A new way to rate your home: www.walkscore.com

When you find out about something after everyone else does,  the response you get is a lot like, say, a child, who just wanders into a conversation. This is how I felt when one of our agents from Seattle brought up Walkscore at our meeting, and from there, I've been mesmerized. 

Real estate has been many things over the past few decades, from Golden Blazers, to Glengarry Glenross speaches, flipping homes, and redoing them while someone was out (hopefully someone with either an open mind or a good sense of humor).  But it's ALWAYS been about location, location, location*. (*see location)

Walkscore takes your address, say 1234 Sesame Street, Anytown, USA, and rates it, based on proximity to parks, stores, restaurants, maybe even the occasional grumpy Muppet. Then, you watch your home address slide on a scale from worst to best, in yet another avenue where the Internet judges your home, based on an algorithm. Interestngly enough, Zillow, a similar program, advertises on this site as well.

Included on your page is a map of your home, and a myriad of icons, mapping out where the amenities are, which is pretty incredible, and an amazing tool for folks who aren't familiar with the neighborhoods.

So, if you were looking to quantify how you're keeping up with the Jonesesesesese one more way, www.walkscore.com might be for you.  My parents' home is a 15 out of 100, and they've been happily married for 36 years, where as the White House scored a 98 out of 100, a Walker's Paradise, and we ALL know what's gone on there for the past 36 years.

The official address for Disney World only scored a 48, whereas Downtown Fairhaven rocked the scale at 83.  And last but not least, Fenway Park, home of the World famous Red Sox:  95.


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