April 30, 2009

Appliance Art Revival - turning your washed out washer into Art

Spring has finally arrived here in Bellingham.  The days are getting longer it's just before 9 PM at the end of April and it's dusk, we're getting some shirtsleeve weather, and there are many events starting to happen every weekend.  This weekend is no exception,there is a Gallery Walk Friday night May 1st, including  the 8th Annual Children's Gallery Walk, The Procession of the Species is happening Saturday, May 2nd, and another unusual event this Saturday is the Appliance Art Revival.

The Appliance Art Revival will be taking place at the Chuckanut Brewery on Saturday May 2nd at 5 to 11 PM. Can you get the event from the name, its art is made from parts of old appliances, recycled art so to speak.  For those creative beings who like to work with "junk" or what used to be parts of functional appliances like refrigerators, washing machines, stoves and the like.  You might find something made from handles, wire, motors, fans, shelves, or any other of the elements you would find in appliance that  is no longer functional.  This is the first of what I'm sure will become an annual event, put on by the Appliance Depot a local business in town that refurbishes appliances.  And if the appliances are to far gone, they do what they can to recycle the materials in them.

To help celebrate local artists and promote creative use of the materials from appliances The Appliance Depot donated free parts to those willing to take on the challenge of creating art.  Many of the pieces are already on display at the Chuckanut Brewery and will be auctioned off Saturday night.  There will be music and of course food and drink.  Stop by to check it out after The Procession of the Species to make your Saturday complete.

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