Jan. 31, 2012

Bellingham Art: The Art of Friday: Harlow and Anna Friday

So you're driving north on Guide Meridian near Cornwall Park and WHOA!!! there's a  Rhinoceros in someones front yard! Yes, in fact a Sumatran Rhinoceros here in the heart of Bellingham.  This is the work of Harlow Friday, or one of many pieces of art that he has created.  The Rhino was a birthday gift to his wife, Anna.  She told him a couple of months before her birthday she wanted him to make her something, an animal, a Rhinoceros.  and Voila!  Along with the Rhino are a large crow and a spear-bearing sentry amongst other incredible works of steel and art.

They are the welded works of Harlow Friday.  Some are whimsical, some come with a story, and some are functional but, they are all incredible!  I am drawn to welded art, the fact that a cold, strong substance, steel, can become something warm and beautiful, even soft.  Harlow designs and constructs all of his art at his home shop here in Bellingham.  He is an avid welder and sculptor.  He and Anna live in their creative and colorful compound that at one time was a chicken house/coop that Harlow reconstructed and renovated in 2001 when they relocated here from Oregon.  Harlow even lived in his grandchildren's tree house for a short time while working on his home.

Anna, a textile artist, wears her designs of embellished denim clothing and crocheted hats, crocheted curtains that function as closet doors, and even canine garments for their mini-pinscher, Josie.  In addition to the crocheted pieces, she hand sews them on to the main fabric. On occasion you will find Anna pedaling,  chauffeuring Josie in Josie's Hot Pink Chariot!!



Here is a photo tour of their wondrous playground and gallery of art:






A work of art is the unique result of a unique temperament 
~Oscar Wilde 




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