June 28, 2010

Bellingham Dining: Diego's Mexican Grill

bham diegos parrot

Typically there's a double edged sword that comes with food; if it tastes good, normally it isn't that healthy. Fortunately, with Diego's you get the best of both worlds. With home made guacamole, salsa, pinto, sauces, beans and meats, Diego's is one of the few places where the food is cheap, healthy and absolutely delicious. My personal favorites are the delectable fish tacos and massive potato burrito. To wash it down, they've got an assortment of beverages including the finest Mexican beer, Sangria and Margaritas. If you'd like to bring a laptop, you can also take advantage of Diego's free WIFI. Of course, even if you're on the run, Diego's provides food to go which their menu can be found on http://www.diegosmexicangrill.com/. All around, Diego's offers a little something for everyone. And if you come around lunch time, you might run into me as I'm always eating there.

bellingham diegos restaurant

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