Sept. 27, 2011

Bellingham pours "poticrete" sidewalk

That's right "poticrete" or maybe more appropriately "toiletcreate".   Bellingham’s newest green project is in a stretch of sidewalk, located along Ellis Street near the Bellingham Food Bank, what’s inside that makes it unique is a special concrete mix, dubbed “poticrete,”made from crushed toilets instead of aggregate rock.

"Through the recent Green Communities project at the Bellingham Housing Authority, Dawson Construction salvaged more than 400 toilets that would otherwise end up in a landfill. Cowden Gravel and Ready Mix crushed them, and city of Bellingham engineers developed and tested Bellingham’s own poticrete concrete mix."

The city is also doing road improvement projects which include sections of sidewalk made with 40 percent recycled concrete, porous pavers for parking, and small rain gardens.

“The bigger story is that we’re working on making this mandatory for public works projects — not just poticrete, but recycled crushed concrete,” said Freeman Anthony, public works project engineer. “We’ll give it a year to see how it behaves.”

The poticrete will be officially unveiled with an opening ceremony Sept. 29. There will be an inlaid toilet seat that explains the unique poticrete mixture.

Want to donate a toilet or some old concrete, the city is working on a way to make that happen, stay tuned

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