July 8, 2010

Bellingham Real Estate Market Report June 2010

The following is a quick analysis of the Residential Bellingham real estate market.
  • Currently Active Listings: 626      New Listings June: 131
  • Price range of active listings - $69,500 - $3,600,000
  • Average List Price June: $471,955       Days on the Market: 114
  • Median List Price June: $406,200
  • Sold in June: 70
  • Average Sales Price: $351,445 Days on the Market: 133
  • Median Sales Price: $275,000
  • Pending Sales in May: 99 Average List Price: $373,357 Days on the Market: 126
  • Average Sales Price  June, 2009: $337,080
  • Median Sales Price  June, 2009: $304,500
  • Sold in  June, 2009: 102

The Average Sales price is down 5.8% compared to  June, 09.

The Median Sales prices is down 9.7% compared June, 09.

The number of sales is down 32 compared to  June, 2009.

Condo Analysis for Bellingham

  • Currently Active Listings: 237   New Listings June: 33
  • Price range of active listings - $85,000 - $1,150,000
  • Average List Price June:$246,654 Days on the Market: 160
  • Median List Price $179,900
  • Sold in  June: 35
  • Average Sales Price: $226,051 Days on the Market: 165
  • Median Sales Price: $177,000
  • Pending Sales June: 15 Average List Price: $246,287 Days on the Market: 146
  • Average Sales Price  June, 2009: $260,858
  • Median Sales Price  June, 2009: $226,500
  • Sold in  June, 2009: 16

Average Condo sale price is down 13.3% from  June, 2009

Median Sales Price is 21.9% from June, 2009

The number of sales is up 19 compared to June, 2009

If you look at the graph you can see that the  residential  market prices are on an overall downward trend but still up a bit the past few months.

The Big Tax Credit is gone, but there is still a First Time Home Buyer Tax Credit Available through a program called the Mortgage Credit Certification. It is a Tax Credit paid on Mortgage interest.

Meanwhile interest rates are sat an all time low and there are some great values in the Bellingham market right now. You might want to take a look at what it would cost you to purchase one of these homes at today's rates. You might be surprised at what your monthly payments would be, maybe less than your paying for rent right now if you are renting a comparable sized house.

If you have any questions or want to see anyBellingham Real Estate feel free to email me at or give me a call at 360-739-6981

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