June 6, 2012

Bellingham's Major Employers & Finding a Job in Whatcom County

Certain things about Bellingham are hard to miss- like the beauty of the San Islands across Bellingham Bay, or Mt. Baker looking down on us on a clear day.  But when people visit Bellingham, especially when thinking of relocating here, one important question inevitably rises to the surface:  What do people do here for work?

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To help answer that question, I have put together a list of the major employers in the area, as well as some great resources for finding a job here in Bellingham and Whatcom County.  The following list is of top 20 employers in Whatcom County, in varying fields such as education, manufacturing, commercial services, retail and grocery stores, building and construction, and local government.

1. Western Washington University
2. St. Joseph's Hospital
3. Bellingham School District
4. Whatcom County Government
5. Haggen
6. Alcoa Intalco Works
7. Sodexho Services
8. Brown and Cole
9. British Petroleum
10. T-Mobile
11. Fred Meyer
12. Whatcom Community College
13. Lummi Indian Business Council
14. Health-Techna
15. Everyday Staffing, LLC
16. Mt. Baker School District
17. Walmart
18. Diamond B Constructors
19. Haskell Corp.
20. Anvil Corp.

There are many more employers in these and other industries, this list is just to give you an idea of the top 20 employers with over 300 employees.

To find a job in the area, here are a few good resources available:

  • Worksource  is the State of Washington's official site for online employment services, and has an employment services office in Bellingham
  • The Bellingham Herald has a great online local classified help wanted section
  • Bellingham craigslist is used by local employers to post job listings

If you have any questions or to continue with your home search, please feel free to give me a call at (360) 298-0968.

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