Oct. 19, 2009

Birch Bay, Wa's Beach House Restaurant- Fantastic food with a view!

IMG_0604So after a day of showing homes in Birch Bay recently I was able to visit the renovated CJ's restaurant with my clients from across the Border. I have been working lately with many Canadian buyers who are looking in Birch Bay  and other areas around Whatcom county as well since their dollar is almost par.

Walking into the restaurant I was pleasantly surprised, from the view to the attentiveness of the Host.

My clients and I were seated at a window seat and we all noted the meals as we were walking by others on our way..  looking great so far.. I ordered a wrap that looked wonderful when it arrived. I discovered it had avocado, which is something I had overlooked, and was able to have a new one made promptly without question. I am not a picky eater by any means it is just something that doesn't agree with me.  All in all a very wonderful meal.

Wanting to make sure that I didn't have a unique experience I went on a day by myself after yet again showing property to clients from Vancouver BC.

This time I ordered the soup of the day and a salad and this is what I was presented with.:):)

IMG_0650I ordered the salad with Blue cheese dressing, well it not only came with blue cheese dressing on the side but massive amounts of crumbled blue cheese and baby bay shrimp!!! It was fantastic!!!

The soup of the day was a nice Broccoli cheese.. mmm

Warm rolls with the meal as well, sooo good.

The service was great, the food was great, the view is wonderful. But that's not all,

After finishing I proceeded to take a look around, I heard another patron mention to their friend that there is a nice table by the fireplace... I had to check this out.

IMG_0656There is also a room that hosts Live Music every Friday and Saturday at 7pm!IMG_0654IMG_0657

Here are some more photos       IMG_0658

of the seating areas...and another bonus is you will find the bathrooms are clean! I found the bathroom a little on the cold side compared to the rest of the restaurant but nice. IMG_0651In addition the manager, Carol explained to me that the back room can be reserved for parties and groups. If you want the live music, it is 150.00 and no extra charge for the room.

Then there is the bar area, nice and large with two Flat Screen TV's. I didn't find out if they only played one channel or could have two separate. That is for those football fans on one side, and

Hockey fans on the other! Did I mention that I show a lot of homes to Canadians? Go Canucks Go!

Anyway, you will find the bar atmosphere welcoming as well,


As a summer weather bonus they have outdoor seating as well. Even on this fall day of my visit,people were still enjoying their meal outside.

I also found out that they have another location down the street that hosts a Boys and Beer night, a Wijning Women night and Saturday Sips. More on that when I am able to check that out!

So on your next visit to Birch Bay don't forget to plan a wonderful meal into the day at the Beach House Restaurant!

Your agent,

Katharine Carey

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