May 28, 2011

Blaine Cafe's and Bistro's: Blackberry House Cafe' Cares About Customers

So, yesterday I’m meeting with a client in Blaine, WA to show him properties for sale along the beachfront in Birch Bay, WA. By the way if you’re not familiar with where Blaine is located, it’s only just a NEXUS pass flash from the Canadian/US border crossing.

I had trouble connecting to the internet and was able to find a wi-fi hotspot at the Blackberry House Café. When I arrived with my client the barista told us that they would be closing in 10 minutes however, she said we were welcome to stay, order a coffee and could continue to use the wi-fi service even after closing. I ended up staying for almost an hour without any interruption. Today, friendly customer service  is so hard to find these days. I was so thankful because this kind gesture allowed me to spend more time with my client, while providing us with additional time to search for directions to selected properties.

So thank you again Blackberry House Café for your hospitality, for your wi-fi connection and a great cup of coffee!

If you have questions or an interest in Bellingham/Blaine/Birch Bay real estate please give me a shout. The best way to reach Chuck is directly at 360.540.6357. Email Chuck at

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Blackberry House Cafe'

321 H Street
Blaine, WA 98230-4109



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