April 10, 2011

Carpe Diem and Door to Door Sales in Bellingham, WA

I relearned a valuable lesson this morning.  I was confronted with a door to door salesgirl.  She was all of 8 or 9 years old selling chocolates in our neighborhood for a school fundraising.

I was impressed with her vigor and motivation.  She was across the street when I first noticed her, I was out on my porch talking with a neighbor.  She heard us talking as she was walking up the walkway to another home. Without any further thought, she came running towards us.  First words were, " Would you like to buy some chocolates?  She immediately saw an opportunity and pursued it. Live bodies.  No second guessing herself, no fear of rejection, just the pursuit of her goal, to sell her product.

She opened her box and displayed her wares, about 8 different varieties of chocolates.  She was even selling samples of each of these chocolates for .25 a sample.  Very effective.  Usually, I can't resist chocolate and, of course, today was no different, but.....I could not resist her. I was so taken with her forthrightness, her pursuit, her immediacy about seizing the day and the opportunity.

It's no different in real estate or life for that matter. We too have to seize those opportunities when they present themselves; the cold calls, the neighborhood meetings, the marketing, the tip given to us by a fellow colleague or friend, the follow through..... just as this little salesperson pursued her sale, we too must pursue ours. And with that same vigor and motivation, that thrill of the pursuit and then the reward of the sale.

I found a dollar and purchased immediately as did my neighbor.  Even had to sample a few!!

Carpe Diem!!


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