July 7, 2011

Causland Memorial Park in Anacortes

I went out to Anacortes to look at a house a few days ago and it was right next to a beautiful park.  Causland Memorial Park on N Avenue in Anacortes is one of the most unique parks in the Northwest. The park was built in the 1920's by Louis Lepage and is on the National Register of Historic Places. A portion of the park is dedicated to Anacortes veterans from World War I to the Vietnam War.
The 2 acre park has an incredibly creative use of decorative rock and black, white and a bit of dark red almost maroon mosaic used in it's structures and walls. The Gazebo is a masterpieces of rock work and walls around the park are similarly made of colored pebble and rock mosaic. The amphitheatre hosts events from private weddings to public concerts through out the summer months.

If you find yourself in Anacortes stop  by Causland Park.




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