Nov. 11, 2010

Center Stage

Think of it as Interior Curb appeal. STAGING.  How a house is presented to potential buyers  and those first few impressions can make all the difference when selling a home. How you market your home and DISPLAY it does have an effect on a buyers perception and how they see themselves in your house.

I use the word display because as Webster describes it you do want  " to exhibit to advantage".  Just like dressing up a mannequin, your home now needs to be "dressed", but let's put it another way, " dressed down" if you will.  If your house looks lived in, i.e. dishes piled up in the sink, paperwork splayed on your dining room table,too much furniture, clutter,clutter, clutter, buyers will be overwhelmed.   The true bones and space of your home will not be visible.  A buyer needs to be able to visualize themselves and their furnishings in your home.  When you scale down your furnishings, giving a hint of the possibilities, consider color scheme, focal points, flow and floor-plan, even utilizing rooms for different purposes, i.e.  the dining table in the living room if there is a view,  allows a buyer room to imagine and explore.

So if you are considering putting your home on the market, and you want your home to rise above the bar , and sell quickly, STAGING could be of benefit.

Now, take a good look around, consider it prepping for the holidays  and let your home take Center Stage.

If you have any questions regarding Bellingham Homes for Sale, feel free to call me, Roberta Soares, at 360-303-3898, or email me at for a Staging consultation or for a complimentary home evaluation if you are considering putting your home on the market.

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