April 2, 2009

Java in world class setting: Boulevard Park, Bellingham

[caption id="attachment_647" align="alignright" width="240" caption="A social hub of Fairhaven"]A social hub of Fairhaven[/caption]

Boulevard park has long been a great place to bring a picnic in the afternoon, or take your shoes off while taking a lunch break.  In 2008 the city allowed the small pottery studio to receive a new lease...that of Woods Coffee which has brought a new flavor to the park. 

Woods Coffee at Boulevard ParkBefore the morning beverages arrived, the mornings at Boulevard were quiet and left to early morning exercisers.  And on the poor weather days left the park pretty much empty.  Now the park is greeted by early morning conversations over warm spiritous drink in all weather conditions.  Boulevard TreeWoods also offers free Wi-Fi to it's customers which makes it a perfect place to get a little work done.

On this morning to the right we were greeted by several inches of snow at the park.  It was very pleasant to sit on the warm stone hearth of the fireplace and watch the park get covered in light, frosty crystals. 

This year another The Porchattraction will be completed at the Park.  It's entitled "The Porch" and is designed for small productions of theater and musical attractions.  The workmanship is that of a true craftsman and is built for many generations to enjoy.

Allow me the pleasure of showing you around if you are new to the area, or if you are thinking of buying Real Estate in or around Bellingham.


Dale Kreiser

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