Dec. 10, 2010

Computer Lab/ Whatcom Middle School

Whats going on Whatcom County WA!

This week has brought us some interesting weather.  We have seen a warming trend after some warm, in the 50's, tropical storms.  We had wind knock out a substation in Lynden WA.  Heidi Elder with Chicago Title tells me of some power failures and surges in her office in Lynden.  Here in Nooksack we had some flickering but no failures and that was found to be true in Everson and Sumas as well.

I also wanted to congratulate Whatcom Middle School in Bellingham WA for winning the National NBC School Pride online contest for a new computer lab.  This was a national contest and after losing the school to an accidental fire last year the students will really benefit from the new computer lab. It will take a couple of years before the assets of the lab will be located in the rebuilt school but in the meantime I understand that the assets will be housed where the students are now.  Bellingham is no stranger to national contests as it has pined for the expansion of Google Fiber in Bellingham as as test market. Google Fiber is an ultra high speed broadband network and Bellingham hopes to be a partner and test market the fiber network for them.

Here are some real estate numbers for the Nooksack Valley Area.


For sale:     15

Pending:     6


For Sale:      39

Pending:       7


For Sale:       16

Pending:        8

There where no closed sold homes last week but plenty of pending sales for encouragement.  Call Chris Leon your Whatcom Broker at 360-296-2204 or find me @
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