April 28, 2010

Day 47 - 365 Things to do in Bellingham, WA - Big Rock Garden

Day 47 - Yes it really is day 47, a beautiful day here in Bellingham and a great day to spend some time at Big Rock Garden. It is a unique city park featuring original sculptures in a 2.5 acre garden or actually more like a forest with it's large evergreen trees. It's a perfect time of year to see the park as the rhodedenrons and azaleas there are in bloom adding some brilliant color to the place. There are also some colrful maples and beautiful bamboo.

The Park has over 35 permanent pieces by distinguished international and local artists. The annual International Sculpture Exhibit runs May through September featuring 10-20 selected pieces from a variety of accomplished sculptors.

Big Rock Garden Park is located at 2900 Sylvan Street in the Silver Beach Neighborhood

We need to thank  founders George, Mary Ann and David Drake  who called it the Gardens of Art. It was purchased by, the City of Bellingham in 1993.

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