April 9, 2009

Everything you ever wanted to know about South Hill* but were afraid to ask

If you've ever walked the trail from the Farmer's Market right to Wood's Coffee in Boulevard park, no doubt you've   past the gold sphere in between two pieces of rock, indicating the mid-space between Whatcom and Fairhaven. And if you drew a line due East, you would bisect an area known as South Hill,  which perches overlooking the bay.  Priced between $399,000 for a home built in 1926 to $1.295 Million for a 3,600 square foot award winning home, a prospective  buyer can expect to own a home that is priced higher than your average bear in Whatcom County.  If you care to see for yourself, take a look at our South Hill page.

New construction in the area has brought more contemporary lines into the traditional landscape of Victorians, Tudors, and Northwest Craftsman, though there's been a lot of interior and exterior work afoot.  Landscaping and contractor trucks are no strangers to the Numbered Streets since the last cycle of home prices swung upwards.

If there haven't been any updates since the first Roosevelt was in the office, you'll need to keep the following budgets in mind for starters:

  • electrical,
  • plumbing,
  • insulation,
  • windows,
  • roofing

On average, these homes are spending about 150 days on the market, and owners are realizing a little over 95% of what they've penciled them on the market for.  Interestingly enough, homes that have spent over 60 days on the market?  They're realizing a little over 89% percent... per our NWMLS, so take it with a statistical grain of salt.

If you're looking for a clear view of the ocean with less power lines in the way, head EAST back up the hill, but your financial compass is going to point north, i.e. get more expensive (compass allusions get confusing) as you do.

If a few more photos of a home are of interest, drop me a quick note, and we'll sketch out a few ideas together.

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