Sept. 23, 2009

Fairhaven Condos: Thumbnail Sketches of What's on the Market

cool-sunsetComing around the corner on I-5 at about 75 miles per hour to see the State Troopers happily waiting to greet you into Bellingham is hardly the first impression Fairhaven wants to make, but the underlying message is clear.....slow down. There's something to see here.

And there's plenty, which you can read about in the other Fairhaven articles on this site, but once you're in, you're in.

The challenge?  The hurdle?  There are a lot of places to live in Fairhaven, and a lot of condos to choose, some in buildings built in 1964  (Skyline House off of Boulevard), some in the last year or so (Waldron building, 2008).

Since Real Estate has beaten the "location" horse like it stole something from the beginning of time, I want to flesh out what it means in Fairhaven terms.

Walkability:  If you're interested in a short walk to the stores right out your door, the Harris Square Buildings (2005) , Fairhaven Gardens Buildings, aka Finnnegan Way (2005), and the Fairhaven Square Building as well.   All have the brick-faced look that keeps Harris Ave and it's neighboring streets with the quaint look that ushered Fairhaven through the last 100+ years, but with updated interiors. Caution: The Home Owner Dues on these condo units are something to keep an eye on with your purchasing budget as some of the units can push your monthly payment up to $500 more that you were expecting to pay.

Ocean View: The older buildings are going to have some of the better views, strictly from Super-positioning. The

[caption id="attachment_1959" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Village Books and Colophon Cafe"]Village Books and Colophon Cafe[/caption]

idea that they were here first, had their pick of spots and perch looking at 180 degrees of San Juan sunsets are what's going to account for most of the listing price. Buildings like Spinnaker Reach, the Skyline House, and  Riptide all have unsurpassable views, but older accoutrements.  If you're looking for a higher level of comfort, you may have your work cut out for you (baseboard heat, formica countertops, 3 inch shag carpet, metal framed windows, and sliding doors). BENEFIT: they weren't built in the last 4 years, and the listing price may have a little more margin to work with.  Whatever you offer, remember: The seller still has to agree with you.

Hidden Gems:  Buildings like the Creekside at Fairhaven, or Fairhaven Heights get overlooked yet still offer the proximity to Fairhaven, views mere moments from the front door, newer construction (2005, 2006), but aren't front and center, and priced accordingly.

The condos inside these units are going to be as different as the owners, some ecletic, some simple, but they're all looking to sell.  And with 190 days as the average of being on the market, their motivation might be increasing as the promise of spending the holidays somewhere else might be wavering.

Which is the oldest condo on the market?  E-mail me to find out. You might be surprised......

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