March 26, 2009

Fairhaven: Where Real Estate and Good Food...

go hand in hand.  When I'm not talking about the 37 Ho12th Street Villagemes listed within 1 mile radius of Fairhaven ranging from $249,000 for a 2bedroom/1 bath home up to $3.5 million for an Edgemoor estate, more than likely food is on my mind.  Not a glutenous type of craving for mass quantities, but more of a healthy thought of what would be pleasing to the palate. 

Artisan Cheese & Accoutrements

On facebook a dear friend and classmate named Kim, from Eagle Point high school class of 84' advised me to check out a friend's Artisan cheese shop in downtown Fairhaven.  I don't know about you, but I'm fiend for Gouda or Dubliner with a nice glass of inexpensive red wine, a few friends...Oh, so I finally went to check out Quel Fromage  yesterday. 

The shop is on the street level at the corner of 12th and Fairhaven boulevard in the 12 Street Village.  It's within a few blocks proximity to down town Fairhaven.  Inside I was pleasantly greeted by Rachel Riggs the owner along with a wonderful assortment of wineQuel Fromage quote, and but of course lots of fine cheeses.  It took me maybe 3 milliseconds to take focus on a chunk of Balarina Gouda cheese that was marked $9 for a half pound.  I must say that is some of the best cheese I've ever had.

Behind the counter you'll find the French Proverb shown to the right...

"He who does not eat cheese will go mad"  

I don't know if it's true or not, but I'm not going to take the chance.

 Location, location, location.  You could hardly go wrong with any property that is close to Fairhaven.  From the terrific views of South Hill to the Edgemoor Neighborhoodamazing neighborhood of Edgemoor, you would only be minutes away from some wonderful boutiques, fine dining, great coffee houses and many other sole proprietor businesses.

Allow me to give you a personal tour of my favorite place in the world.  Call me anytime.
Dale Kreiser
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