April 22, 2009


Seriously.  To anyone who lives here, get out of Bellingham.  There are only so many times you can eat at your favorite place, take a run around your favorite lake (Padden, I'm gunning for a swim this week), or meet your  favorite group of friends for humongous Big Mama's at Jalapenos  for a Friday that will end sooner than a Vin Diesel Oscar nomination party (Sorry, brah, maybe next year).

And so begins a series of different places to go on  weekends with yourself, friends, family, or that trio of workmates that wear too much cologne (ONE spritz per application).

Whiterock StripPLACE #1:  Whiterock, BC

It's right across the border, and yet a whole country away.  Indian food, seafood, Charlie Don't Surf, European Fusion, which is a food, and not the new album by Autobahn.

Place #2: Deception Pass

Great Drive , great parks, you can pack up the old cooler full of PB & Jay-sadillas, some Welch's grape soda, and road trip in the family truckster, while the kids fight over who has to ride on the hump.  There are enough fresh fruit shacks along the way to keep your whitest whites from white for the rest of the spring and summer.

PLACE #3: Fenway Park

Sure, it's an investment. But since the airlines out of Bellingham are flying to more and more places, at basically what it would cost most folks to PARK at Seatac, reasoning would lead a logical person to lean towards seeing the Green Monster before they tear it down. But if you're into Vegas.....

PLACE #4:     Seattle

The Mariners, the Sounders, The Showbox, the Museum, Quest Field, Pike's Place Market, Thai Tom's, The U District. And they have coffee. Not sure of the company, though.

Finally #5 There's this place in Mount Vernon called Relaxation Station

relaxFor $45 per person, you can treat yourselves to an after-hour party with all the spa treatments offered here, and they're pretty incredible.  Check out the site;  all those weird space capsule deals, and massage chairs, oxygen bars, and infrared spa beds your cousins from California have been telling you about?  All night long.  Just like Lionel Richie.  Well, up to 3 hours.


So get out.  And don't say you can't.  Can't means won't, and won't means push-ups.  Thanks, coach.

“The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page."

                                                              -St. Augustine

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