Nov. 15, 2010

Hiking Bellingham's Trails

These are beautiful times in Bellingham.  Autumn. A patchwork of color all around, cool breezes, blustery storms, rainy days, foggy mornings. And so it was on this foggy, balmy morning that I ventured out for my routine walk.

One of the many great aspects of Bellingham are the assortment of trails that one can hike.  My favorite is in Fairhaven. This is the Interurban Trail that will take you all the way to Arroyo Park(1.8 miles) and Larrabee State Park(6.6 miles).
I usually catch it at 10th and Donovan and make my way westerly down to the edge of Bellingham Bay. This path is a level cleared path, landscaped with dense brush and foliage and old trees. Along this path, Padden Creek passes through on its way to the Bay, hydrating all the vegetation.   I love the quietness of this path.  Except for the distant horn of the train, you can hear the leaves fall, the dewdrops as they hit the ground, the pitter patter of squirrels and rabbits.  Peaceful and serene.

Along the way you hit the off leash dog park, it is set down in a large bowl well protected from the streets and elements.   Usually I'll have my Jezebelle with me and will have to sit a good while to watch her romp and play.  One can't help but stop and watch the interaction between the pups. I'm convinced this is therapy.

Go a  little bit further and you reach the Heron Nesting Colony. From February through
summer, the colony will be alive with the Heron and their young nesting, breeding and teaching their young.

At the west end is Marine park and the Bay with its views of Lummi Island.  On this particular morning it is beautifully fogged in.

This is how I start my day each and every day.  With views like this, with sounds of nature, with the play of my dog and others.  I never tire of this route, or for that matter any of the trails around Bellingham.  They change every day, with every step.  There is always a new color to see,  a new sound or scent, a new experience.  Like I said,  I start each and every day with a hike and so tomorrow will bring a new day and a new trail.         Happy Hiking!

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