June 22, 2010

Home search, Bellingham, WA

Traveling from website to website only creates contact with multiple real estate agents. You can view different homes by adjusting your search or emailing the agent to help you with your search. Many new home buyers do not want to be contacted by an agent, because they are just starting to search or think it will cost them to use these services. The truth is that many of the home buyers that are on these home search sites really do not know that they can talk and work with their own agent and it does not cost them anything to be represented. The home sellers pay the commissions to the listing office and then the buyers agent is paid by the listing office to represent the buyer. This is done to ensure the buyer their own representation.

The listing agent is under contract with the seller, it is their job to make sure they get the best price for the seller. If you are interested in getting the best price as the buyer, it is very important to have your own agent.  The first thing a home buyer should ask the agent they are talking to is if they are representing the seller. If you are interested in that home then call a buyers agent and ask your questions. All agents have the ability to work with both buyers and sellers. You just need to make sure that they are not the listing agent of the home you are interested in.

Home searches can also be confusing because you see the listings of the homes on an agents website. It does not mean that it is listed by that agent. Simply ask the agent if it is their listing. They have to disclose to you if they are working with the seller. It is to your benefit to know that from the beginning to be sure you are giving your information to the agent that will only be representing your best interest!

Did you know that to search for homes in Bellingham, WA you only need to use one website. Some home buyers think that they will find different homes on different web sites. This website offers all listings available and I represent buyers in the Whatcom and Skagit County areas of Washington. When you register please let me know if you want to be contacted by phone or email. I will always respect your wishes and privacy. If you do not want to register then feel free to email or call me directly with your questions. I can also set you up on a more private search for homes in the areas you are looking for.

I would be honored to assist you, with your real estate needs!

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