June 22, 2009

Honey, you're not in Kansas anymore

You know working with an Internet driven brokerage Buyer Tours Realty, we encounter many clients from all over the nation and internationally as well.  Just to give you an idea, right now I am working with clients from Baltimore, MD. to Bodega Bay, CA. ; from Alaska to Panama and even from Hong Kong and of course, Canada. Literally, from all over and I hear many a comment about real estate prices here in Bellingham, usually the comments are about how " high" real estate is here.  Hmm, that old saying  " You get what you pay for" comes to mind!

Depending where you currently reside, your real estate market is driven by consumer demand and inventory.  What drives this consumer demand is: area, economy (employment), waterfront, view, climate, etc.  The list goes on.  If you live in a small community with few resources and negative economy, bad climate ( harsh winters and hot summers) and zero aesthetic attractions, chances are housing is going to be cheap, but then you probably have to go outside of your area to get resources or pay to bring them in.  Yes, you can still by real estate under $100K if you want to live in.......Kalamazoo,MI  and that's with a +2.4 % increase in sales price.!!

But if it is beauty, milder climate, culture, better economy and thus a better chance at finding employment and happiness, then you are probably searching on- line at places like: San Francisco, CA ( median  home sale price is $600,000),  or Bellingham, WA.  Bellingham's median home sale price is $260,000, a 2.0% increase in sales prices.   Consider this, situated right between two major metropolis' with everything you can imagine, no traffic congestion, WWU university, two of the top 1500 high schools (Bellingham and Blaine) in the nation, a multitude of outdoor driven activities( kayaking, hiking, bike-riding, sailing, photographer's dream, skiing, snow-boarding, just to name a few), eco-friendly and environmentally conscientious, family-oriented, and most important, pet-friendly/animal conscientious.  ALso, within a 30 minute drive to Mt. Baker Ski Resort,  or a ferry trip to the San Juan Islands.  Oh,  did I mention Bellingham Bay and Birch Bay ?

Bellingham also offers these major employers: St. Joseph Hospital, WW University, BP Refinery, U.S. Border Patrol and Customs in Sumas, 2 Community Colleges (Bellingham Tech and Whatcom Community), as well as Boeing and Microsoft in King County.

With a 2.0% increase in sales bringing Bellingham home sales to a median $260,000, I'd say this is a fair price to pay for all that Bellingham has to offer, not to mention, public water, public sewer, power, local grocery chains, locally farmed foods and dairies, with abundant greenery and water surrounding you.

So keep in mind that different locales do have different markets depending on what each has to offer and Bellingham has much to offer.

If you are considering relocating to Bellingham to experience paradise or looking to sell or buy locally, feel free to contact me : Roberta Soares at 360-303-3898 or Roberta@buyertours.com .

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