March 18, 2011

Hurdles and Hoops and the Home Selling Process

I just received some great news, one of my deals recorded today and is officially closed.  I know, for a Realtor this is how we earn our living, but this one was more than that.  This one was was momentous. I represented both the seller and buyer and this has been one of the most challenging transactions I've been involved with in my 5 and a half years in the business.  Most of it due to the home being a manufactured home and the strict guidelines of the VA for these homes or for that matter their strict guidelines.  Let me say, I'm just happy the buyer found a lender who was willing to loan on this home, for there aren't many these days.

The challenge began after the appraisal.  We learned we had hurdles and hoops to jump through, we being the seller.  These hurdles being anything from permits on the home to hand rails on the deck.  Just when one hurdle was checked off or accomplished, there was another.  At a certain point we did begin to wonder if this would close.  But when I as a Realtor heard the frustration and hopelessness in my clients' voice and words, I realized the importance of my job .  Realized I had to be there to guide him even when he couldn't see, to keep the faith when he had none, to cheer him on and even roll up my sleeves and dig in to perform some of the tasks that the VA was requiring of him, the seller.  I was willing to do what it took to get this through underwriting and closed for my clients.  You see, you realize at a certain point that these hurdles are just that.  They aren't insurmountable, but rather resolvable tasks.   Some people refer to this part of the transaction as " handholding".  That term is so trite.  My client is a very astute and savvy guy, and did not need any "handholding" but really just needed the support and confidence from his Realtor at this time.  He needed me to stay grounded and sure, and that's what I did.

So today I had the pleasure of handing over the keys to the new homeowner, a 55+ U. S. Veteran.  This is the first home he has ever owned.  He never thought this would be possible.

Hurdles and Hoops, yeah, it's all in a days work and I eat them for breakfast!

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