June 22, 2009

Internet Home Search: Drinking from a firehose

The Internet  is no longer a fad, much to the chagrin of a good friend of mine who will remain nameless. His stock pepsi106in Beta tapes, Laser Discs, and Pepsi Clear are hopefully rounding his portfolio out nicely, and it's from this perch that there are  few squatters left.

The solution the Internet solved was the lack of Information Now!, a movement that swept across the nation with the such speed that there's not even an 80's Pop reference I can make to draw a close-enough comparison, though jams and break-dancing are close.  It got you real estate information, whatever it was, when you wanted it, and when it didn't get there quick enough, they went to fiber-optics, cell phone towers, and a failed attempted bringing back carrier pigeons.

And it solved problems...but questions beget questions.  And the one thing the 'Innanet didn't do, was ask you why?  Imagine the time saved?

Long tail searches have really fleshed out this trend, where your computer, or G-Mail can almost see where you're coming from, through algorithms  but not really.  "Live performances Final Countdown WAV" searched at 3:00AM  doesn't need an explanation, it's just basic curiosity, but " Homes Bellingham Under $300,000" can return, oh say, more than your share of sites.  And you just have a simple question.  That's where we come in.

You might  get a call asking why, mainly because for every 5 billion  people who are looking online at homes, there are a few that have valid questions to be answered, and are frustrated because drinking through a fire hose doesn't ever seem to quench thirst.  No one's ever stood back up, and said "That hit the spot!" unless they were part of a very poorly written satire for the WB (that took a lot of time and effort to write, but did the execs call back? No).

So here's why we're calling. Offering problems to solutions, and here's my list of how:

Looking for a property online? You've got three thousand Bellingham real estate websites at your disposal, and yet all you'd like to do is see all the three bedroom, 2 bathroom homes under 1,500 square feet.  You'd like to see them as soon as they come on the market if possible, because you've seen all the others, and they're starting to blend together!  What if you only checked your e-mail, clicked on a link that showed you just these?

Researching the area?You're interested in waterfront, lakefront, mountain view property but don't know the area that well, the pricing for certain areas and why they might be higher than others, how close are the schools, are they any good?  What if there was someone who's job it was to know all of these things, and keep you up to date with bulleted lists and photos?untitled1

Looking at homes based on what the listing price is? You're looking to either move here, downgrade your home size,  check out second homes, or condos, but are amazed at the prices, and wonder if there are any hidden costs, association rules, or more importantly DUES?  What if the home has been on the market for 900 days, with no price reductions and the seller is ravenous to take any offer? What if there was a contact you'd made that could get you this info on all properties?

Looking at getting your feet wet by previewing a few homes? You've made your list of 19 homes that might meet what you're looking for, but looking at the list it's daunting. Some might have 3 bedrooms, some might have 3 bedrooms and an office that would fit what you're looking for, but you could cut down your tour by about 10 homes if someone had walked through these before after talking to you for a little bit, and got a sense of exactly what your tastes were?

Looking online for a lender to give you the best rates?
You've checked out homes online, and are ready to talk with a lender so you know which homes are in your realm , but you're afraid of just putting your information into any system. You want someone who knows the programs, who's done this a million times successfully without any hiccups, and is going to explain to you your options; the good ones, and the bad ones, and the ones you should just steer clear from, but you don't know how to find these people.  What if there was someone who worked with lenders EVERYDAY, and knows the folks who follow through and have a great temperament for what you might be facing? First-time home-buyers, haven't bought a home in a few years, or are just curious if there have been any changes?  What if there were someone who does this everyday that can take 5 minutes and walk you through the process?

Wondering what buying a home entails, start to finish?

Where to start if I want this to be a fairy tale, rather than a woe of caution? You've tossed and turned over whether or not this is a good idea for you, but have a zillion questions, and need a plan.  A successful plan to get you where you need to go.  What if there were one available, tailored to what you wish to accomplish?

Your answer could be a real estate agent.  Yes, you can do it yourself.  You can build a house yourself.  My Dad fixed the sink by himself, and watered his forehead and Chuck Norris T-shirt every time he went to get a glass of water, before they called a professional to come in and do the job correctly, quickly, and at minimal cost. And no round house kicks for disrespect.

Click to chat below, if you've got any questions, and I'm available!

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