May 31, 2011

It's all about fun!

Delight your children--and your inner child, too!--by taking part in one of Bellingham's best just-for-fun events, the Procession of the Species.

Every spring dozens of people get dressed up as plants and animals and parade through downtown Bellingham in a celebration of community and our connection to nature. You'll see lots of different birds, bugs, fish, and all kinds of animals as well as mushrooms and flowers and trees. A jellyfish is a popular costume, and a practical one in case it turns out to be showery: it's an umbrella with "tentacles" hanging down from the edges. This year's parade had everything from a giraffe to a razor clam, including a gigantic black raven whose wings were fastened to bicycle pedals and flapped up and down as the bike moved. At the end of the parade there's a great all-ages community party for the participants and the thousand-plus spectators.

The parade has just three simple rules: no words, written or spoken; no motorized vehicles; and no live animals or pets. That leaves the field wide open for the imagination!

If you want inspiration or help making your mask or costume, you can come to a free workshop in the weeks leading up to the parade. Volunteer artists will help you turn recycled materials into your fantasy plant or animal.

Next year's Procession of the Species date: Saturday, May 5th. See you there, rain or shine!

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