Sept. 9, 2009

Johnny on the Spot!!!

Ok, so you've done the thinking and have decided to " just start looking", not really interested in buying, but looking.   Hmmm, does that sound familiar?  
Come on, we all know that we're really looking for SOMETHING.  We want to shop by ourselves usually, with no outside hassles or input,  within our own space and time, but then when ready to purchase.....  we want that salesperson to be there , #1. Be ready, #2. Be informed, #3. Be approachable, #4. Be helpful,....answer all of our questions.....attentive, because now we're ready.

And alas here I am.  I am that Realtor that has been faithfully emailing you, leaving a zillion messages, sending photos and video tours, doing market analysis, research and comparisons.   To quote a recent client I am                 " Johnny on the Spot".  Yes, that is how I was recently described and I welcome that.  Thank you Mr. Client! johnnyon-the-spot2

In this day of absent customer service, wouldn't it be refreshing to meet someone who has your best interest at heart?
Seriously.  If you are ready to put down 10-20% of your own hard earned savings (or mom and dad's) and invest in say a $200,00 -$300,000 home don't you want someone who is diligent, attentive, knowledgeable, and skilled in the art of negotiations?  Or if you are thousands of miles from Bellingham,WA or Whatcom County, and you need to rely on this person, this professional to be your eyes and ears, don't you want a " Johnny on the Spot" looking for you?  Yes, I am that person, that Realtor,  not just some anonymous name attached to an email from a " cyber-store " virtual site,  but a red-blooded, live, working, experienced Realtor who loves what she does and enjoys meeting new people and making their dreams come true. I get just as excited as you when it comes to purchasing your first home, or your next investment.  I love the adventure and pursuit!

So if you are a buyer or a seller, for that matter, for I am experienced in both seller representation and buyer representation, and you are looking for a Realtor, for someone to help you in this market,  consider who you would want representing you.  Someone you can feel comfortable with, someone reliable, someone experienced, someone prepared, yep, call me, "Johnny on the Spot" aka Roberta Soares, Realtor, at 360-303-3898.

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