May 8, 2010

Just Another Day @ the office, Virtually!!

Woke up to a GORGEOUS morning here in the 'Ham, better known as Bellingham.  It's mornings like this that make me realize why I chose to move here and live here.  PAR-A-DISE.  Sun is out in all its glory, blue, really BLUE skies, birds chirping, islands in view, no I'm not kidding this is really what it      looks like and sounds like this morning.  
And so it is on this kind of morning that I do not feel like getting dressed up , suit, or even professional casual and heading into the office to do business; to be closed in by four walls, air conditioned air, sounds of photo copiers and phones ringing, and filtered light.  Thoughts of playing hooky cross my mind.  This would be the perfect day to do it.  Pull out the chaise lounge, don a pair of shorts,  soak up a few rays.......i'm drifting in to dreamland    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

but wait,  I am at the office, for my office is anywhere that I want it to be.  Today it happens to be in the comfort of my backyard.  

From here, I can make a gazillion phone calls  or 52 as I did today, send another gazillion emails and respond to them, research the MLS for current and prospective clients,and for my own knowledge,  do a few CMA's  (analysis), heck, I even paid for and printed a shipping label to ship Condo bylaws to a International (Canada) client.  For someone who never considered herself a Techy, she sure does love it!!

Here are a few other reasons to love this Virtual office brokerage:

No dress code -  you can wear sweats or PJ's if you want to " the office"

Great Gas Saver -  you never have to leave home; you can attend company meetings or collaborate with your fellow colleagues online from the comfort  of your own home

Tune in from your Favorite Locale -  you can attend or collaborate from your favorite coffee shop or the beach or your favorite spot in the world while networking with the community      

Education - There is always a meeting happening be it with Evan in New England or in the Productivity Center or Coaching Center, or on the WIKI, always something new to learn

Great IT  Dept. -  Gabe , Kirk and Eddie, now here are 3 more reasons to love EXP

We are GREEN as in reducing our carbon footprint as much as possible, i.e. Paperless Pipeline.

But by far,the best reason for me on this FABULOUS day, I can virtually work from the comforts of my home or on a day like  this, from my own backyard.  Soak up some sun,  listening to the sounds of nature with a cool breeze  blowing through my hair.

Oh, and of course, the best PersonalAsst./Biz partner in the world!

Yeah you see how motivated she is. Well at least one of us is working!

If you are interested in learning about our Virtual Brokerage or are in need of a GREAT REALTOR, please give me a call at 360-303-3898.  I look  forward to meeting you.

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