April 22, 2009

Local Deer are Angry and Baffled: 26th Annual Tulip Festival Huge Success

It's absolutely breath-taking.   Driving through these back roads in LaConnor and Mount Vernon, looking Tulips/barnoutover the fields of dirt clumps, thinking this might be slightly anti-climactic.  Or a brilliant ploy by the local Chamber of Commerce.  Then you start to see the signs around;  Tulip this, Tulip Route, WRONG WAY.  And thedsc07184n you turn the corner, and there's this field of color I haven't seen since taking the train from Paris to Mortiz a few years ago.  Just acres of color, and nothing we could recreate as deftly as the years of preparation and honing these fields must have taken.

After going to the good, old fashioned festival in Mount Vernon, where booths filled the main street, we headed to the country to find these fields.  Getting back on the highway, taking the LaConner exit, and shooting just about straight East after a few turns put us on a well marked path to where these fields were.

And I'm not a flower guy.  They're brilliant in color, sometimes neccessary when Rowsof purpleyou've done something wrong, and a clear indicator that you've done something incredibly right sometimes, and die in three days.  C'est La Vie, as Robbie Neville said.

But en masse, I was awestruck. Stricken with awe.  I hope these photos help get you there, because I really felt like Pankthis was Nature's way of saying "hey, sorry about all the grey lately."dsc071661

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