May 8, 2011

Mom: Heart of the Home

“ A house is made of bricks and beams, a home is made of love and dreams” ~~

It’s mother’s day and when I think of mom, I think of home.  A place where you feel safe, a familiar place, where you can be yourself.

A place to go when things are tough and you want to hide from the world or a place to go to share good times and good happenings.  For celebrations, Friday night movies and pizza, or Sunday dinners.   A place for discussion and debates, a place for support, a place for learning.   A place to return to time and time again for strength, for escape, for fun.   A place where traditions are formed and solidified, where memories are made.  I have great memories of bike rides, walks, cooking with Mom; dinnertime was always family time, no tv, no radio, but time to talk with one another and so it is today that I keep this tradition going.   We moved around a couple of times in my childhood, but the mainstay and commonality was mom and her traditions.  I learned early on that a house is not automatically a home, it becomes home with a mother‘s love and teaching.
I can’t be with my mother for mother’s day but I can at least close my eyes and remember…..And in those memories I feel safe again and warm and familiar and feel right at home in those memories.

It’s mother’s day and when I think of home I think of Mom!


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