July 12, 2009

More Accolades for Bellingham Ranked #1 for Small Smart City

More accolades for Bellingham ranked #1 for small cities  (population 50,000-99,999)

The Natural Resources Defense Council has a project and website called Smarter Cities. The website says their "mission is to foster a little friendly competition (Annual Cities Research and Rankings) as well as provide a forum for exploring the progress American cities are making in environmental stewardship and sustainable growth"

The criteria and Bellingham's ranking for each is

  • Green Building (#4)
  • Air Quality (#1)
  • Transportation (#7)
  • Recycling (#4)
  • Green Space (#1)
  • Energy Production and Conservation (#2)
  • Bellingham's been well recognized by for it's green power usage, clean air, clean water, good transportation, mild climate, natural beauty, & great parks and trails.  We are also in the midst of a large scale long term project of transforming an aging pulp mill on the waterfront of Bellingham Bay to a unique new waterfront downtown.

    I think Bellingham's future is bright, and our real estate market will remain strong because of it.

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