Dec. 29, 2010

New Years Goals not Resolutions

When we make resolutions they don't allow for failure goals do.  Because those failures or speed bumps come with goals we can continue on.

With this ever-changing market, you need the help.  Why wait until it gets so bad that you have to go apply for a job?

Top 11 Reasons Agents are Joining eXp Realty

  1. 80/20 Split with the Potential to Earn 100%+
  2. Low Company Cap
  3. No Franchise Fees or Desk Fees
  4. Industry's Most Aggressive Revenue Share Program
  5. Learn Relevant Social Media and SEO Lead Generation Strategies
  6. Weekly Live Coaching, Education Classes, and XCamp (Agent Collaboration)
  7. 24/7 Access to Brokers, Agents, Staff, and Recorded Training from Anywhere via our 3D Virtual Office
  8. Mobile Agent Tech Tools: CRM, E-fax, Website, and Paperless Platforms
  9. Online Access to All Transactions, Residual Income, and Company Information
  10. Learn to be a Green Agent with a Low Carbon Footprint
  11. At the Forefront of Sponsoring Local Social Events, RE Camps, Meetups & Networking Events

  • eXpand your Learning Potentials inside of eXp Virtual
    • 3-D Persistent Offices and Educational Platform
      • Work with other Agents and Staff - One-on-one or in Groups
  • eXplosive Lead Generation Programs
    • At both the Agent and Company Levels
  • eXploit our Top Web Positions in Major Metros around the Country
    • Integrated Web Solutions/SEO Team has the most Top Ranked RE Websites in Major Metros around North America
  • eXpress yourself via our Collaborative Blogging Platform
    • Leap Frog the Competition and put your Services and Properties at the Top of Everyones Search
  • eXpand with us and create eXponetial wealth!
    • Revenue Share to agents & / or brokers who help us grow both Locally & Nationally
  • If you have any questions concerning buying a home or selling a home in Whatcom county please call me at 360-296-2204.  If you need help with For sale by owner and short sale homes please give me a call.  Follow me here
  • Happy New Year!
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