Nov. 20, 2010

Nooksack Valley Cold Weather Preparedness

Nooksack Valley Cold Weather Preparedness Part 1

With the cold weather coming its a good time to be thinking about Nooksack Valley cold weather preparedness. There are four elements to consider; preparing your family, preparing your home, preparing your vehicle and getting acquainted with your friendly local authorities.

Preparing your family is the single most important step to Nooksack valley Cold weather preparedness. Education is key. Making sure everybody knows were the important things, like the gas shut- off valve, water valve, power panel, fire extinguishers is important and equally important is how to use or turn various utilities off in an emergency. Just talking about emergency scenarios is important. I can't stress enough the importance of taking emergency medical classes, enough said.

Preparing for the possible isolation and making sure you have proper clothing is key.

When preparing your home consider adding a few ideas to your list . Always have flashlights ready. Placement of the flashlights are important and don't forget your batteries. Candles are fine as long as you are placing them in a safe place with no combustibles near by. Having matches available always helps. The lions share of preparing your home is insulating. Pipes, doors. windows, attics, crawl spaces, basements and out buildings all need to be insulated. Cold will reap havoc and break pipes and cost you extra in energy costs not to mention repair costs.

Nooksack Valley Cold Weather Preparedness Part 2

Since we are situated north east of Bellingham our valley tends to get the brunt of the north east winds that are always so bitter cold. As the winds pick up speed and blow through Sumas and barrel through Nooksack and Everson it seems that everything crystallizes in their path.

Your vehicle could MORE

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