May 20, 2009

Northshore Homes: A thumbnail sketch of the quiet side Lake Whatcom

A heartfelt thanks for the new construction on Northshore Drive, as it curves around the Silver Beach.  It's a great drive, even better ride on a bike or motorcycle, but with the new paving, it's a quieter ride.  And it sets the stage for the next 19 miles of the road that runs along the perimeter of Lake Whatcom ("noisy water" if you're interested).

Northshore Drive turns to Northshore Road in a phase out that can only be compared to when they switched moms on Fresh Prince of Bel Aire, though you'd hardly notice with the homes that line up to greet as you drive south along the lake side. Passing the southern side of Silver Beach neighborhoods, and the other half of the bisected Academy Street, the road takes you past a smattering of the more elusive mistresses of the real estate market, the lake front home.

And there's been a dry spell in sales here, which will be great inventory to bring into the summer, where this section of Bellingham really begins to shine.  About 37 homes are currently on the market on this stretch of lake road. mostly 3 and 4 bedroom (around 32 of the listings) and averaging a little under 2900 square feet.  Where some of my clients have really found hurdles has been in the age of the homes.  Some off them have needed updating, and some have reached the level of maturity where preventative maintenance has done all it can, and things need replacing, which is a great segue into the new 203(k) loan you can ask your REALTOR about.

Future residents should be prepared to learn about septic systems, their upkeep, their half-lives, and the incredible array of them that now exist, including ultra-violet filtration systems.   Look for well agreements, shared road provisions, and for the 23 homes on the market that have docks?Walk out on them, and see what sort of shape their in.  The days of replacing your decking with 2 X 4's from the tree fort the county condemned because your boy needs a few more hours watching Bob the Builder? They're over, and there are new conditions for material.

Homes on the Eastern side of Northshore Road show more acreage than a prospective owner are used to, as 21 of the listings have at least 1 acre.

And knowing that if you're commuting to the highway, you have a few options for getting out to it, rather than winding back through town to hit Britton, or Lakeway.

I can only pray to the Gods that the restaurant that is on the corner of Y road, and Northshore, opens back again, and continues to serve some of the best Eggs Benedict since that turncoat sold us out, and wrecked the deliciousness of Hollandaise with the bitter taste of treachery. Grammy's, you will be missed.

It's country living on the lake, and a stones throw from Mount Baker Highway and the Northshore Trail.

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