April 19, 2009

Prospect Cafe in downtown Bellingham,Wa

blog-photos-015Prospect Cafe located in downtown Bellingham is anything but a cafe. I usually equate a cafe as somewhere that serves soup and sandwiches. Not here, this is a very nice place to go for dinner. If you are into healthy preperation, by this I mean not a lot of butter and salt to hide the foods flavor but ingredients that bring out the best of flavors then this is the place for you.

The restaurant in the previous was called Wild Garlic, so when the name changed to Prospect Cafe many thought it was something like what I said before about being a sandwich place. Please don't be fooled!

The menu is simple and careful thought is put  into each dish. The selection is minimal compared to the five page book elsewhere, but trust the chef for this one. Please don't be intimidated by the menu since it is not the usual steak and seafood fare.

However I did choose the salmon dish:)

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As we waited for our dinner to be prepared we were served wonderfully thin crusty sliced bread with olive oil drizzled over hummus. Perfect little start.

Upon presentation of my dinner I was stunned. The food looked fantastic and my daughter sighed "save some for me, that looks good". The sauce consisted of blood orange reduced with a citris Heirloom tomato vinagrette. The flavors complimented the salmon and I throughouly enjoyed every bite.

Recently taking a healthy approach to beverages I passed on the wine, but observed a very nice selection. I will still follow the wine guy on twitter since he has quite the opinion and is fun to watch. Anyway, bringing it back

I ordered the sparkling lemonade along with my daughter which was light and refreshing not tangy to make your lips pucker up or to have heartburn later on. Perfect

[caption id="attachment_24" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="Museum across the street"]Museum across the street[/caption]

The atmosphere is very relaxed and somewhat subdued just like our town:) It is a very comfortable place to have dinner. I really enjoyed places that are warm. nothing ruins my meal more than a cold vent blowing down on me and all I can focus on is being cold. Perfect

I didn't order desert but quickly wished I did, my friends had ordered a dark chocolate cake (flourless?) with red wine berry sauce with ice cream that looked and smelled amazing.

Also if  you are wondering if this is a kid-friendly restaurant you can be assured it is. They have high chairs and a menu with Cheese Ravioli a little more sophisticated than mac and cheese. The two and a half year old with us devoured her meal along with the sauteed vegetables and Polenta. Definetly on the way to becoming a foodie..

The service was very attentive, friendly and has genuine care in all they do. The bathroom is no exception, it was very clean.

After reflecting on my experience and the meal I just couldn't help but share and told at least a dozen people already.

My rating system is that of my own opinion and I would give it a 4 1/2 out of possible 5.

Link to website-    Prospect Cafe for more information and directions

-Katharine Carey

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