March 24, 2009

Puget, Pizza and playing Kick the Can

                          I grew up in the Puget Neighborhood. We actually lived at the top of Puget St. and I remember distinctly having to walk up "the hill" after school. That's ok, it was great exercise and everyone would walk home. We would be laughing, sharing stories of the day, planning what would happen over the weekend. Whether it was someone to stay over or a game of Kick the can. Back then the neighborhood consisted of pretty much everyone who lived around the area not just a few nearby or next door. Kids would come from Queen St. St. Paul and even a few that lived in up on the top of Puget, what is now considered Pacific View.

Map image

A few years later we moved to W.Racine which became the Mecca for our games. Having lots of brothers and sisters and all their friends we always had something going on. Kick the Can was one of the most popular. Of course everyone has different variations which you can check out in the link above.

I have many found memories growing up in this neighborhood and looking forward to showing you the area.

You may be wondering why Pizza is in my post? Well, I was in the Puget neighborhood Papa Murphy's picking up a pizza for my family. I visited with the manager and she indicated the particular pizza I was ordering has been very popular this month. It was 4 dollars off the normal price and it took in 22% of their sales. 

As always, looking forward to your call

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