April 4, 2010

Reasons to list your home

Reasons to list your home

Some Homeowners worry more about the commissions than the reasons below. Please take the time to understand that some agents do spend the time to get the exposure your home deserves. These are some of the reasons to consider listing your home, you will also need to find a Real Estate Agent that you can work with, and that will make the sale of your home a priority.

Top Ten Reasons to List your Home

  • Safety: Posting your phone number on signs, can let strangers know when you are not at home. Inviting people you know nothing about into your home can be dangerous. Agents know something about the people they are showing your home to.
  • No advertising costs to seller: All advertising costs and marketing costs are absorbed by the listing agent. The listing agent is only paid when your home sells.

  • Tax Deductions: Commissions are Tax Deductible, ask your accountant.

  • For Sale by Owner's Sell for less than listed homes: This will usually pay the Agents commissions!

  • Not at home? Off the Market: For Sale by Owner's homes are only on the Market when the owner is home. No one can be home all of the time!

  • Multiple Listing Service:The exposure your home get with MLS. Your home gets viewed by agents, already working with preapproved buyers.

  • Investment: Often a person's largest investment is their home, and should be treated as such. Investments of this kind should be protected with the use of a professional.

  • Buyer's Agent is not yours! Buyers May have an agent and be represented: the buyer's agent would only have the buyer's best interest in mind and you could be left unprotected!

  • Errors in Paperwork: Errors in paperwork and disclosure issues with the buyer, can cost a For Sale by Owner. In this sue-happy world, a buyer can easily become unhappy.
  • The Burden of Making Yourself Available: Every time your home is viewed and the burden of all of the paperwork and legal issue's, would be taken on by the listing agent.

Have you been wondering why you should list your home? I thought this may help, this is just a list of the top ten reasons to list your home. There are many other reasons also, in todays market selling a home can be difficult. It needs exclusive exposure online too. If you or someone you know are interested in finding an agent who will take the time to sell your home and offer great internet exposure in Bellingham, Whatcom County, Washington feel free to give me call. I would be honored to help you Protect your Investments.

Reasons to list your home

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