Nov. 11, 2009

Rob LeRoy's Guide to Bellingham, Part 2: Lunch

For Part 2 of "Rob LeRoy's Guide to Bellingham" I'll be discussing my favorite lunch spots. Keep in mind that most of these restaurants are open for dinner, breakfast, etc. I've included them in the lunch list because they offer quick, and/or inexpensive options that seem to lend themselves nicely to my lunch schedule.  These are, after all, based entirely on my personal preference, be cause I know what is good.

Part 2: Bellingham's Best Restaurants for Lunch

  • Diego's: Yes, 40% of the restaurants on this list specialize in burritos. Yes, I'm OK with that...I really like burritos, and all of these places make them differently. In fact, the only real similarity among them is that they're all called burritos. Diego's is first because it's across the street from my office. I've been loving their quick, cheap and really tasty burritos for years. The ingredients always taste fresh and have a unique flavor, unlike any I've had elsewhere.  They have awesome salsa. Only one kind, and it's not that spicy, but it tastes amazing. Try the Express Burrito with chicken, beef or pork.  300 N. Samish Way Bellingham, WA  98225  (360) 714-9426
  • Super Mario's Salvadorian taco truck:  When I have the time, and a HUGE appetite, Super Mario's taco truck is among my favorite places in the World. I am a big fan of legit Mexican food, and Super Mario's is as legit as it gets, except that it's Salvadorian, not Mexican.  Always fresh, made on-the-spot, the food here is absolutely fantastic, which explains why lines of people will stand around waiting for it under the hottest sun and the most driving rain. It's worth it. They have my favorite salsa. It's hot, REAL hot, but the burn hurts SO good!  Owned and operated by immigrants from (you guessed it) El Salvador, Super Mario's fresh, unique flavors are truly amazing. Don't forget to leave a little extra cash in the jar for the kids back home. They deserve it.  1422 N Forest Street Bellingham, WA 98225 (360) 920-4330
  • Cicchitti's Pizza:  If you like old-school, paper-thin NY pizza, Cicchitti's is the place for you. After bouncing around among a few locations, Cicchitti's has finally settled into a nice, open space in downtown Bellingham. It's a great place to grab a quick slice, or two.  I prefer the plain old cheese, myself. When you do it right, you really don't need any toppings...  1427 Railroad AveBellingham, WA 98225 (360) 671-5404
  • Pel'Meni Russian dumplings*: Chances are, you've never had Russian dumplings before. I've seen them in only one other place, which is now closed. Pel'Meni's dumplings are basically peirogis, stuffed with either potato or beef. Ordering lunch doesn't get much simpler. Served in to-go boxes with a slice of bread and side of sour cream, these make a great on-the-go lunch, or an even better late night snack. If you like spice, be sure to add some of their signature hot sauce to your sour cream. Be warned, though, it's very, very spicy. It usually ends up making my eyes sweat...  1211 N State St Bellingham, WA 98225 (360) 715-8324
  • Avenue Bread: Also featured on my breakfast guide, Avenue Bread gets a second mention because they make the best sandwiches in town. Whether hot or cold, Avenue's sandwiches are served on fresh bread, with the best ingredients. I prefer the Fairhaven location because of it's window and outdoor seating with views of the bay. My favorite is the club sandwich.  Downtown - 1313 Railroad Ave., Fairhaven - 1135 11th Street, Sunnyland - 2301 James St

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  • Coconut Kenny's: Way less expensive than a trip to actual Hawaii, Coconut Kenny's is the next best thing, and it's right here in Bellingham. Specializing in Hawaiian-style pulled-pork, Coconut Kenny's serves up huge helpings of it on fresh Hawaiian bread.  They also have some kick-ass pizza, though I can never resist the sandwiches... Great all the time, but especially on rainy days. They've done an awesome job of transforming the inside into an island paradise, so you can pretend you're on a mini-vacation.  2220 James St. Bellingham, WA  (360) 647-9273
  • On Rice Thai Cuisine: I'm a huge fan of Thai food. I can eat Thai food 4-5 times a week. There are roughly 10,000 Thai restaurants between Portland and Bellingham, and I've been to most of them. On Rice is in my top 3, and #1 in Bellingham. Staples like Pad Thai and Pad See Ew are excellent, and they have the best peanut sauce I'v ever had.  209 N Samish Way, Bellingham, WA (360) 714-9995 (see website for other locations)
  • Anthony's Hearthfire Grill: By far the classiest place on the lunch list, Anthony's is one of the few corporate chains I ever recommend.  Despite my aversion to chains, Anthony's gets a pass because they are a small chain, because they have really good food, and because they are based here in the Northwest.  Situated near the  marina at Squalicum Harbor, next to the larger Anthony's at Squalicum Harbor, the Hearthfire Grill is a solid choice for professional lunches or out-of-town guests. The decor and food are all good, but the view is the main attraction.  The Hearthfire sits about 10 feet from the water, with beautiful views from most of its many windows.  7 Bellwether Way Bellingham, WA 98225 (360) 527-3473
  • Casa Que Pasa:* Last, but not least, the one place that's been here, unchanged (mostly) since my first year of college, way back when Clinton was in his first term. Casa Que Pasa is a Bellingham original, one of the places that gives the city its real character. It's not exactly gourmet food, but it is definitely tasty. Home of the World-Famous potato burrito, Casa is a great place for lunch...especially a weekend lunch when you don't have any plans afterward. That makes the transition into the bar a little smoother. There are about 300 kinds of tequila back there. And Dos Equis Amber on tap... 1415 Railroad Ave Bellingham, WA 98225 (360) 738-7000

* Also great for late-night

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