Jan. 19, 2011

Short Sale Challenges

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WA State department of licensing recently put out an advisory about Short Sales.  It is important that you contact a listing agent that is informed in the process and he/she is prepared/experienced so as to guide you through the process.  WA State defines a 'short sale'  is 'a real estate transaction in which the sales price is insufficient to pay the debt(s) and obligations encumbering the property along with the costs of sale, AND the seller is unable to pay the difference.'  In my experience it is very important to have a team of professionals behind you so you can get through the process as easy as possible.

Be Aware of Predatory “Rescue” Scams & Short Sale Fraud

Homeowners worried about foreclosure may be susceptible to predatory “rescue” scams which may cost money with no results, result in the loss of the home entirely, or involve the seller in a fraudulent scheme.  More Information Here

As a buyer there are many challenges when purchasing a short sale.  Sometimes, the hardest part is just the wait.  It is important to keep the buyer aware of the process and where in the process they are. If you are wondering if you are in a short sale situation and need help getting through the process please contact me or give me a call at 360-296-2204

find more info about me at www.chrisleonhomes.com or at one of my blogs: http://52weeksinthenooksackvalley.com orhttp://chrisleon.tumblr.com/. If you have any questions concerning buying a home or selling a home in Whatcom county or near Bellingham, please call me at 360-296-2204.  If you need any help with 'for sale by owner' and 'short sale homes' please give me a call.

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