March 24, 2009

Silver Beach: Drawing a line near the sand...where exactly is it?

Looking at the amount of ground covered by the moniker "Silver Beach", the neighborhood delineation lines are getting hazier than midnight at Gary Busey's 30th birthday party (sorry, Gary).  From the shores of waaaaay down North Shore Drive up to the Woodlake Estates neighborhoods, everything's coming up Silver Beach.

So, how do you know if you're in Silver Beach? Based on the City of Bellingham's map sites:   If you're farther east than Toad Lake road on the map, you're out of luck.


Map picture

And if you're north of, say Lahti Drive, you've gone too far, as you might have gone too far south if you're any further south than Eagleridge Drive on the East side of Lake Whatcom (great bike or motorcycle ride that way).  On the other side of the lake, right around York Street you're going to turn into Whatcom Falls.  The eastern border goes pretty much up through Whatcom Falls park, and follows Fir Street.  Encompassed in these boundaries is Silver Beach.  Pull out a map, grab a sandwich from DaVinci's, and start highlighting.


IMG_0263 Why is this important?  Maybe it's the schools you're interested in having your children attend.  Silver Beach Elementary is the only school that exists inside the neighborhood.  For a water view in Bellingham, you've got lake, river, or ocean.  Silver Beach has a lot of it.  Or maybe you're wondering where water/sewer are available, and what's outside city limits, as water issues around this neighborhood have been news as of late...IMG_0268

Very active neighborhood association.  From watershed conservation, to Big Rock park, to a new storm water plan, the people of this area are involved, and make opportunity for others to join in their quest to preserve the area with water protection, green space.

Silver Beach neighborhood residents are positioning themselves as gatekeepers to the northern end of Lake Whatcom.


"The only difference between

a cult and a religion is the

amount of real estate they


              -Frank Zappa

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