Dec. 24, 2008

Snow Fun


Bellingham has been a winter wonderland for the past week and a half.  The white stuff has been with us nonstop and it's been growing by a number of inches every few days until today when the temperature got up to the mid-30s and the snow turned to rain.  It might be a white Christmas here yet as predictions vary.  Some are predicting more snow, others are predicting a combination of rain mixed with snow.  I'm looking at cloudy sky with some patches of blue and some snowflakes fluttering through the air.  You know the weatherman is usually right 50 percent of the time at least.  So it will be a white Christmas here in Bellingham, maybe with a little dirt on the snow from the melt we had today, or fresh blanket of the snow which is more likely at the present moment.  Anyway the reason I'm writing all this is really just to show you some of the pictures I took in the snow today.  Some people having fun and getting creative, what are you doing?  Happy holidays to you and your family what ever it is your doing for the holidays.


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