March 22, 2009

Soccer Season Comes along with Spring

Soccer season began in earnest this week, not only did the Seattle Sounders FC play their first games in Quest Field and win, but today was the first game of the season for the Whatcom Youth Soccer League.  My son plays for the Eastside U. 12 we had the luck of the draw and got the first games at 8:00, coach wanted the team there at 7:30 AM.  Kind of early for a Saturday morning. It was a cold and beautiful day, when I got to the soccer fields the sun was just beginning to rise over Mount Baker.  It was a beautiful sight.

Whatcom Youth Soccer

If you haven't been to the soccer fields before they're out in the county at the corner of Northwest and Smith roads. On a clear day Mount Baker looms in the background to the west of the fields watching the games. There are nine fields there, so you get nine games at a time.  Boys and girls from about 6 to 14 are grouped by their age.  There's also a developmental league that gets more practice and instruction, and the Rangers, the elite kids of the league who get to travel around the state playing soccer.

I have always heard a lot of talk about soccer mom's, but I sure see lots of dads like me, running their kids around to practice and games several times a week.  I know where I'll be the next six or eight Saturdays for at least an hour anyway.

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