July 31, 2010

South Bellingham Market Report: What's Sold in the Last 60 Days?

Here's a little market report on South Bellingham (Mostly Fairhaven). To give you a better idea of the area being dissected, here's a photo to show you.

With south bellingham being one of the more desired places to live, it's good to see what's moving and why.

As you can see only 10 homes sold in this area, the average price was $329,634 and the average days on market was 34.  With this being a larger area on the map, it's no surprise the  large range in prices from $75,000-$688,000.  Views, property sizes and locations are all affecting this variation. In looking at the numbers, the common price brackets that sold were between 200,000-249,999 as well as 350-399,999. You'll also notice 9 Pendings all ranging from $70,000-849,000. South Bellingham is one of the more desired areas in Bellingham with views of the bay, 19th century style architecture and the home of great boutiques and shops.

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