May 28, 2009

Step Aside, Virginia. Fairhaven is for Lovers*

Yep. It's for lovers of shopping, lovers of quaint little restaurants, like Mambo Italiano, the new Mexican joint called Milagros (Jesse, why no Big Mama?) , and for dessert, cupcakes and gelato.  It's like an upscale Food Court, except the kids are cooler, the food's better, and there's no Orange Julius. So, nothing like the Food Court.

Sure there's the Black Cat, with their mood lighting and their Fondue, or you can go to Flats, the tapas place with butcher paper on the tables and crayons, and have her sign her first name with your last name, until you realize it rhymes.  Or freaks you out.  If you've struck absolute gold, and found someone in your life to share Fish and Chips with, hit the little red bus that sells fish and chips, and though the gazebo does have a maximum capacity for 9, if you look a little crazy, you could probably keep folks out. Crazy hat lady with the stink eye, I'm writing about you (should have taken the blue pill).

There's a wine tasting option at the Old Fairhaven Winery (hint: no Boones or Thunderbird), share a book on which planets you're from at Village Books, apologize for her home planet over a beer at Archer Ale house, and buy her make-up flowers at A Lot of Flowers.  More expensive than FTD? Yes.  But some times you need to say you're sorry, or I love you, right then. Or your doomed. And wanting out of that doom as soon as possible.

And since it's summer (cue the SUN!), we've got the movie series for the Outdoor Theatre Series .  Show that special someone your fun side, by either taking them to see Iron Man, a tremendous movie, with CGI effects, witty banter, and luxury vehicles from flying suits to the Audi R9 like you want......or you can see Mama Mia.  A musical three hours long that baby boomers can't seem to resist standing up and dancing to with conviction not seen since the Hale-bop folks (Mr. Brosnan will not return calls to give you those hours back of your life, or the soul he smote when he decided to "do his first musical.").

Bad life decision aside,  dinner has been eaten, apology beer has been drunk, flowers given, books read, fish and chips shared, stink eye given, the walk to Marine Park is paved with information, if you look for it. Little plaques that line the northern sidewalk give you an idea of what used to happen where you walked.

And you'll pass the train station, where someday you could say goodbye, the ferry terminal where you could scream HELLO ALASKA! or Victoria.  Depends on your plans.

This town is limited only by your imagination, budget, and motivation.  Date night in Fairhaven is just about the same.

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