April 13, 2009

Teaching, Learning resources in Bellingham

Launching Success signI just recently discovered a great resource for anyone with kids in Bellingham.  Launching Success is a store dedicated to helping children learn.  I found Launching Success while looking for resources to help teach my son math.  His math teacher told me about it and recommended I check it out for additional materials to help my son learn fractions.

I was just amazed when I got there and saw the depth of the store and materials they have available to help kids learn. Books and workbooks, toys and games puzzles,  classroom supplies gift cards and more.

The store is owned and operated by several former teachers who saw this need for educational materials to help teachers and parents find great teaching tools.  It's easy place to get lost in if you have kids.  One of their goals is to keep kids imaginative, curious, excited and interested!

Launching Success Launching success is located on Prince Street, tucked away behind one of the strip malls on the Guide Meridian go check it out.

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