April 29, 2009

The Procession of the Species, May 2nd

The Procession of the Species

Saturday, May 2nd, Bellingham will be hosting a most unusual parade that celebrates our community, creativity and our connection with nature, The Procession of the Species.  Fun loving environmental friendly folks will be wearing self made costumes of birds, salmon, owls and others. This years theme is fire, water, earth and air.

There are 3 rulest to join the parade:

  1. No live animals,
  2. No motorized vehicles, and
  3. No words written or spoken.

Bellingham's version of the event has been going on since 2004, nationwide since 1995 to bring attention to the Endangered Species Act.  Come out and join the fun. The procession will begin at City Hall at 4  pm and go to Maritime Heritage Park.

image courtesy of flickr.com by JesReeves

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