June 4, 2010

There are benefits of using a local lender

When using a bank or Mortgage Company to help you buy your new home, it makes things go easier to use a local lender.

I know those internet companies sometimes offer good rates, but are they for real.  If a buyer uses an out of state lender, everyone in the transaction remains faceless to the underwriting staff.  You as a buyer are just another file that needs to be processed instead of being a customer who has sat face to face with a lender who is working for you.

That's the reason I always advise my buyers clients to use a local lender. Someone you you can sit down with in their office and get to know. Someone who is working for you, not someone who is just working on your file. Someone who isn't totally reliant on phone calls and email to communicate with the underwriter, but instead can often walk down the hall and poke their head into an office for an update.

If you need someone like that, I would be be happy to give you a referral to some great Bellingham or Whatcom County lenders I have worked with in the past and make things easy on our you the buyer and me as your agent.

When you buy your home make it easy on yourself as you can, using a local lender is one way to make it easier.

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