April 30, 2009

Treasure Hunt Hike

You never know what you might happen upon when out on a morning walk or afternoon hike in the fields and hills of Whatcom county. This particular day I was strolling in the foothills of Whatcom County, hacking my way through brush and over-grown berry bushes and overgrown weeds better known as Alder trees and fallen decaying trees when I came upon.........Mycelia Magnanamus!!   1642

CONKS... Hundreds of them feasting on dead,decaying trees. Alder and Birch -esp. Conks are from the family Fungi, more popularly known as mushrooms. Bet you never thought of these as mushrooms, me neither. They are tough and woody-like with a very mild musty odor. They smell dank come to think of it!  They do not have gills, but rather spores on the underside of the body. They have circular ridges that tell their age, very much like trees. "In many species these tube layers are distinctly stratified so that the age of the fruiting body can be determined by counting the number of layers." Mushrooms Demystified Author David Arora 1986 page 574.                                       conks2                    

Conks also are too woody and tough to be edible and are known to have a bitter taste, but they have been used medicinally.


0052Another treasure to be found that same day,,,,, a mother Killdeer  nesting and protecting her eggs.0061
These birds pretend to have a broken wing to lure you away from their young.  They are Precocial birds, they literally are born running, although unable to fly and are born with their eyes open.  They do not need to be nursed  like other species such as a Robin.

There is so much beauty to be taken in here in Whatcom County. Anywhere and everywhere you go, be it the banks of Lake Whatcom, the trails of Fragrance Lake or the beaches of Bellingham Bay,  this is a lustrous and nutrient rich environment feeding all of the living organisms that sustain our world.

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